Non-Fiction and Children’s Books

kindle-cover-PowerYou Have The Power: self-edit your way into print


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Cindy Davis

Competition in the fiction market has shot to all time highs. Gone are the days where editors accept manuscripts scribbled on restaurant napkins, or ones loaded with typos and spelling mistakes. Whether you’re striving toward submitting to agents or self-publishing, your manuscript needs to be in the best possible shape. In You Have the Power, Self-Edit Your Way into Print, professional editor Cindy Davis shares her years of experience editing genres from mystery to romance to science-fiction. Her guidelines give you the power to edit and polish your own writing. You’ll get help with: deciphering overwriting, adding details and mending stilted dialogue. You’ll learn how to make dialect more readable, the importance of strong characters, remove adverbs and pronouns–all while maintaining your plot’s forward motion.With a little practice you’ll find that You Have the Power to self-edit your way into print.

Cover-Ducky's New BallDucky’s New Ball


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When Ducky’s new ball bounces off the door of an underground home, she suddenly has a new friend to play with. But Spike’s spines pop Ducky’s new ball. The two friends try everything to fix it. Spike uses glue. Ducky tries tying the ball together. Nothing works until Ducky’s creative thinking, and Spike’s “spikes”, save the day.

Illustrated with hand-made dolls and scenery made by the author.


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