3…2…1…Launch! Kickstart Fox Hollow Tales!


Today I launched the kickstarter for my project with illustrator Patricia Ann Lewis— she’s the fabulous artist who illustrated Hapenny Magick and To Find A Wonder. It’s a scarey feeling to put your work out to the world but also exciting =0)

Fox Hollow Tales is a series of stories set in New England in the 1830’s.

Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood

is the first tale in the series and stars a little badger named Wojer.  The neighborhood bully, Lilly, tries to scare Wojer with a story about a wizard who turns anyone who picks berries at the Old Lark Meadow into frogs. But Wojer humorously turns the tables on the Lily and her friends.

Woger-the girls

You can find out more about Wojer and the Fox Hollow Tales series by following this link: