Dragon Song, available August 7,2018

DragonSong-covrDragon Song

by Jennifer Carson



I never imagined one little secret would change the course of my life. No one believed me about what happened to my mom. The officers in charge of the investigation thought I was confused. The psychiatrist persuaded everyone I was delusional.

I never should’ve mentioned Bailean–my best friend. And a dragon.

Over the years I’ve tried to tell myself he wasn’t real. I told myself the stories mom told me about Brindle, a hidden land, were only fairy tales. I almost had myself convinced. Then I inherited my grandmother’s house in Vermont.

Now more and more memories are rising to the surface: the gleam of a king’s golden belt buckle, iridescent scales, a haunting song. It’s all connected to my mom and the events of that afternoon in our New York apartment. It terrifies me.

I want the truth about my mom. About everything. Is the truth different for me than it is for other people, or is the truth the same for everyone? Is the truth what my dad or doctors insist, or found in the fairy tales Mom used to tell me?

Or is the truth a whispered voice from deep inside that no one else can hear?

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Ducky’s New Ball–our first picture book is out!

Cover-Ducky's New Ball

When Ducky’s new ball bounces off the door of an underground home, she suddenly has a new friend to play with. But Spike’s spines pop Ducky’s new ball. The two friends try everything to fix it. Spike uses glue. Ducky tries tying the ball together. Nothing works until Ducky’s creative thinking, and Spike’s “spikes”, save the day.

Illustrated with hand-made dolls and scenery made by the author, Jennifer Carson.

Check out more of the interior illustrations by visiting her website, or buy the book on Amazon.


Welcome author Glenn Sartori

Glenn Sartori

Glenn Sartori

Glenn Sartori has written electrical engineering textbooks for the college and trade school markets.  He lives in St. Louis with his wife, Rosanne.  Epiphany is his first novel.


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In medieval Russia, a battlefield historian is commissioned to transport treasures from the invasion-torn south to a haven in the north. Centuries later, four events occur simultaneously. Grace Sawyer, on her summer sabbatical at the Rosanov Art Institute in Yaroslavl, stumbles upon a

black stone from a medieval Russian treasure. Richard Simon

, an art historian in New York, is solicited by a friend in the CIA to journey to Yaroslavl on a cryptic

quest. In Kiev, the brother of the president of the Ukraine is assassinated, and a group of men plan to violently end the Epiphany–the historic meeting between the Pope and the Patriarch of Russia. Within a week, these events will mesh in a violent climax that echoes in the halls of the Rosanov Art Institute.

Welcome Author Cindy Davis

me,newestWe’d like to welcome author Cindy Davis to the Prince and Pauper team! Soon to be widely available  is her fabulous Angie Deacon Mystery Series, based in our home state of New Hampshire. Here’s what some of her reviewers have to say about this series:

  • “Bad checks, blackmail, kidnapping, murder…a complex plot and a shifty cast of characters make this a memorable read.” Kaitlyn Dunnett, author of Scone Cold Dead.”…sure to be a hit. A Little Murder kept me guessing till the quite surprising end.” Gary Braver, award-winning author of Skin Deep”…mystery author Cindy Davis digs deep to find the mystery and corruption that can plague even the most quiet of states… Davis skillfully portrays real people facing unreal crime and terror.” Brendan DuBois, award-winning author of the Lewis Cole series.

    “A deceptively simple setup…exciting twists and turns…you won’t want to put this one down.” Agatha Award Winner Toni LP Kelner

    “Fine writing and a strong sense of place make A Little Murder a most satisfying read.” Kate FLora, Edgar nominated author of Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine

    “Action packed…engaging…will keep your light on deep into the night.” Nancy Means Write, Agatha Award 2006 Best Children’s/YA Novel

Be sure to pick up one of Cindy’s titles soon!

coming soon in ebook and print!

Available soon in ebook and paperback!

Available soon as e-book and paperback!

Rest in Pieces Coming soon in paperback and ebook!


New Fox Hollow Tales Etsy Shop, now open!

foxhollowcard#3Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall, illustrator extrodinaire and I have opened a new Etsy shop dedicated to Fox Hollow tales. The profits from this store will support our new book series, Fox Hollow Tales. Look for new products to be added soon! We’d love to hear what kinds of items you’d like to see in the store too, so drop us a line!

3…2…1…Launch! Kickstart Fox Hollow Tales!


Today I launched the kickstarter for my project with illustrator Patricia Ann Lewis— she’s the fabulous artist who illustrated Hapenny Magick and To Find A Wonder. It’s a scarey feeling to put your work out to the world but also exciting =0)

Fox Hollow Tales is a series of stories set in New England in the 1830’s.

Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood

is the first tale in the series and stars a little badger named Wojer.  The neighborhood bully, Lilly, tries to scare Wojer with a story about a wizard who turns anyone who picks berries at the Old Lark Meadow into frogs. But Wojer humorously turns the tables on the Lily and her friends.

Woger-the girls

You can find out more about Wojer and the Fox Hollow Tales series by following this link:


Cover Art revealed for Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood, the first in the series for Fox Hollow Tales

Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood-- Available soon!

Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood–cover sketch. Just wait until you see it in color!

Soon we will be Kickstarting our first illustrated storybook in the Fox Hollow Series! Pat Ann and I are so excited about these beautiful books and we hope we can get you excited too.

Fox Hollow Tales is a beautifully illustrated, heartwarming and magical series of stories set in 1830’s New England.

Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood

is the first tale in the series and stars a little badger named Wojer.  The neighborhood bully, Lilly, tries to scare Wojer with a story about a wizard who turns anyone who picks berries at the Old Lark Meadow into frogs. But Wojer humorously turns the tables on the Lily and her friends.

The books will be in printed in full color in a limited edition hardcover version and in a soft cover version. It is our hope that Fox Hollow Tales become some of your favorite stories and are shared down through the generations.

A bit reminiscent of the Beatrix Potter tales or Brambly Hedge, Fox Hollow Tales are set in New England circa 1830’s and full of colorful characters like Lilly, the daughter of a fancy Fox Hollow merchant and the natural leader of the group, Pippen, who always follows Lilly’s lead and Pearl who is more quiet and shy. Wojer is the newest member of the Badger family and has a lot to learn about the village of Fox Hollow and it’s inhabitants.

Stay tuned to learn more about Wojer and how you can help us bring this project to life!